"Concentrate on your business, we take care of the rest".

We offer turn key logistics solutions:

  • Customs and transit procedures
  • Deconsolidation
  • Storage
  • Product manipulation
  • Outbound merchandise preparation within 24 hours.
  • Regional Transportation (Intermodal Transport)
  • Transport insurance contracting

product processing

"Your industry in South America".

We offer you the possibility of industrializing and/or transforming your products adding value to them, either by producing, assembling or finnishing them in order to distribute them to the regional market, tax free.


Industrial operations can be carried out by your own company's employees or by Almisur Logistics personnel who have the required qualifications for carrying out the process.

Our personnell is qualified to fulfill each and every one of our clients specific requirements, personalizing our services according to the specific needs


Closed area of 5.000 sqm. with infrastructure and technology conditioned for the storage of the different types of merchandise depending on the branch


Its strategic location allows an easy and fast access to a market of 260 million inhabitants with an important annual economic growth.


0% taxes… 100% opportunities Financial and tributary 100% tax and tributary exemption (corporate, services, products, goods and capital) Exemption from social security tax for foreign employees Unlimited permanence of in-transit merchandise in our warehouses