Gateway to Southamerica

Almisur Logistics centralizes its operations at Zonamerica (Free Trade Zone) located in the city of Montevideo, capital of Uruguay and administrative center for the MERCOSUR common market.

Its strategic location allows an easy accesss to a market of nearly 260 million people with an annual growth of 4%.

It is important to highlight that Montevideo is equidistant to the main cities in the region: Santiago de Chile, Buenos Aires, Asunción, Porto Alegre, San Pablo, amongst others.

At the same time Montevideo is the only port on the atlantic coast of South America operating as a Free Port, forming a very interesting and dynamic logistics hub, which integrates within an area of less than 20 kms.: the Port, the International Freight Airport and the Free Trade Zone (Zonamérica).


Closed area of 5.000 sqm. with infrastructure and technology conditioned for the storage of the different types of merchandise depending on the branch


You can concentrate on your Business, we take care of the rest


0% taxes… 100% opportunities Financial and tributary 100% tax and tributary exemption (corporate, services, products, goods and capital) Exemption from social security tax for foreign employees Unlimited permanence of in-transit merchandise in our warehouses