Enclosed 5.000m2

Facility equipped with both infrastructure and technology for the storage of different types of products according to business activity. This allows us to effectively care for and handle all products.

Mini warehouse area

Closed spaces for the exclusive use of the contracting client, for value added tasks, product transformation, technical labs, or simply for exclusive storage.

Security Vault

With independent alarm and non stop CCTV service.

Cold storage area

Cooling to between 2 and 8 degrees. – Temperature between 2 and 8 degrees.

Full CCTV coverage

Fire detection system and security alarm.

Central offices equipped with information and invoicing systems which allow for fast and efficient operations, adjusted to the offered response times which also register services and consumables related to each task, allowing out customers access to resulting statistical information.


You can concentrate on your Business, we take care of the rest


Its strategic location allows an easy and fast access to a market of 260 million inhabitants with an important annual economic growth.


0% taxes… 100% opportunities Financial and tributary 100% tax and tributary exemption (corporate, services, products, goods and capital) Exemption from social security tax for foreign employees Unlimited permanence of in-transit merchandise in our warehouses