100% tax exemption (Businesses, services, products, goods and capital)
Social security tax exemption for foreign personell
Unlimited storage time in our warehouses for in transit products
Judicial guarantee, security and stability regarding all exemptions established by law (Law 15.921)
Highly competitive port and transit transport costs

Stock centralization for regional distribution
Tax exempt product industrialization and/or transformation
On demand or pre-sale product nationalization
Proximity to the regions most important markets (fast delivery)
Coordination of all import-export operations (All-inclusive Service)
Product control by expiration dates
On-line inventory access from anywhere int he world exclusively for clients
Adaptability of our processes to precise client specifications
Fast response in preparing outbound requests.


Closed area of 5.000 sqm. with infrastructure and technology conditioned for the storage of the different types of merchandise depending on the branch


You can concentrate on your Business, we take care of the rest


Its strategic location allows an easy and fast access to a market of 260 million inhabitants with an important annual economic growth.